Nevada Center for Missing Loved Ones, a non-profit organization, will help search, locate and reunite, regardless of age, reported missing loved ones with their families.

We will use our resources and volunteers to assist local and national agencies to search, identify and return persons missing with special attention given to the elderly and those suffering from Alzheimer's and Dementia.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


The daughters of D. Smith were especially grateful for Frank Mahoney and NEVADA CENTER FOR MISSING LOVED ONES. D. Smith kept a “very predictable schedule,” according to her daughter. When the daughter attempted to reach her mother and was unable to she grew concerned. Unfortunately, the police were limited in the assistance they could provide under these circumstances; this is when they were given NEVADA CENTER FOR MISSING LOVED ONES number. Frank Mahoney was not only able to immediately put a search party in place; he comforted the family throughout the entire ordeal. During another night of searching for Ms. Smith, she herself reached out by phone to her daughter. She was a bit confused and uncertain of her whereabouts. While she and the daughter spoke, Frank sprung into action with only a brief description of the surroundings he immediately knew where to locate her. Frank brought her home. Her daughters were so grateful and appreciative they nominated NCMLO for the Southern Nevada Heroes Award.

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