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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tune into America’s Most Wanted on June 21, 2008

Lindsay Harris

A plea from Jessie Foster’s parents:

We just got word that the new and updated episode of AMW on Lindsay will be airing June 21st. Please spread the word. People who want to help solve Lindsay's murder can help just by tuning into to AMW on FOX. As you know, media is all about ratings.The greater the interest the greater the publicity. The greater the publicity the greater the chatter. Chatter never hurts and may even solve her case. When its "all about control" your average sociopath needs to talk to have control. Let's hope that those out there that know what happened to Lindsay will come forward and talk! I hope we can count on your support to tune in. Saturday June 21st, 9:00 EST. Thanks.

Please tune in and watch AMW this coming June 21, 2008.

1 comment:

Jessie'sMomGlendene said...

Thank you for posting information about Jessie Foster and Lindsay Harris's cases.
Sincerely, Jessie's mom, Glendene Grant.