Nevada Center for Missing Loved Ones, a non-profit organization, will help search, locate and reunite, regardless of age, reported missing loved ones with their families.

We will use our resources and volunteers to assist local and national agencies to search, identify and return persons missing with special attention given to the elderly and those suffering from Alzheimer's and Dementia.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Henderson Police have asked for the help of NCMLO and all of you. They want to see with all of our resources if we can find information on a cold case and help identify this young girl. Case#08-01221.

Can you help? Please review the photo (caution graphic photo) and the information stated. If you know this young girl or have any information on this girls death please contact us immediately: Nevada Center for Missing Loved Ones (702) 564-1466.

Estimated age at time of death 14 to 20 plus years old
Approximate Height: 62inches
130lbs, red hair, green eyes
Tattoo of the letter “S” on right forearm
Dental charted

Jane Doe Arroyo was found nude on October 5, 1980 in the City of Henderson, Nevada and remains unidentified. Cause of death was Homicide.

Anyone with information regarding this case#80-01221
Jane Doe Arroyo is asked to call the:

Henderson Police Dept (702)267-5000
Nevada Center for Missing Loved Ones (702) 564-1466

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